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By Kris Fay on 6/11/2012
2012 US OpenIt's a wonderful week for golf fans: US Open Week! Thanks to the stellar play of some of the game's stars, this year's Open promises to be a little more exciting than Rory's blowout win in 2011. 
By Kris Fay on 6/4/2012
Tiger Woods Chip InA come from behind victory and an amazing flop shot netted Tiger Woods his 73rd professional victory. It also made me rethinking what I wanted to write about today. 
By Kris Fay on 6/1/2012
Golf is a sportI received an email earlier this week regarding a new website created by a group that loves to ask questions. ProCon.org asks experts to weigh-in on topics ranging from medical marijuana to politics. Now, they're questioning whether or not golf should be considered a sport. 
By Kris Fay on 5/16/2012
Golf ScorecardA high school golfer in Oregon was ready to make history before failing to properly check her scorecard prior to signing it and turning it in. It's happened at every level of competitive golf, but it's a mistake that's easy to avoid. 
By Kris Fay on 5/7/2012
Rickie FowlerIt's no secret that I've been a big Rickie Fowler fan. Since he turned pro, I've enjoyed watching him compete and add a splash of technicolor to a tour that had gotten a little bland. 
By Kris Fay on 5/2/2012
Natalie GulbisThere have been several stories lately dedicated to female golfers. For once, though, that's not necessarily a good thing.
By Kris Fay on 4/23/2012
Slow PlayFewer people are playing golf these days and one of the reasons is that it takes so damn long to play a round of golf sometimes. It’s time to put an end to slow play, once and for all!
By Kris Fay on 11/1/2011
The Rules of GolfThere are so many rules involved in a typical round of golf, but the USGA and the R&A are attempting to make things easier...
By Kris Fay on 10/24/2011
PNGA AuctionAny of my friends can tell you that I love a good auction, especially when it's full of great golf trips, packages, and equipment...
By Kris Fay on 10/17/2011
Golf Course FightAs it turns out, the brawl that broke out at Alderbrook Golf Course in Tillamook had nothing to do with a round of golf...
By Kris Fay on 10/12/2011
Belly PuttersMore manufacturers are offering long versions of their putters and some sites are even telling you how to convert your favorite putter...
By Kris Fay on 9/30/2011
Golf RaingearDuring this time of year, you can find yourself golfing in warm sunshine, cold rain, or just about any condition in-between. Technology, though, allows us to stay comfortable no matter what...
By Kris Fay on 9/28/2011
Pumpkin Spice LatteThe end of summer and beginning of fall means special treats are cropping up everywhere, not just at your local Starbucks location...
By Kris Fay on 9/21/2011
Golf club throwingGolf.com recently promoted a photo gallery of TOUR professionals tossing their clubs during tournament play. Are you prone to tossing a club from time to time?
By Kris Fay on 9/14/2011
Ally FoundationHere's a great fundraising event that's directly tied to college football in the state of Oregon. Events are scheduled for Eugene and Portland next month...
By Kris Fay on 9/12/2011
Prazza Golf Ball FinderYou had to know that this kind of invention was eventually going to find its way to the golf market. Now we'll see if it actually catches on...
By Kris Fay on 9/7/2011
Golf TrophyEver since a brush with potential greatness two years ago, I've been struggling to find a true and consistent form in my golf game...
By Kris Fay on 9/2/2011
Washington NationalDid you know that golf and college football fit together perfectly? There's no place on earth where that's truer than the Pacific Northwest...
By Kris Fay on 8/31/2011
Old Macdonald GolfI don't normally spend much time blogging about our destinations or packages we have, but here's a unique offer that SOMEONE should take advantage of...
By Kris Fay on 8/29/2011
U.S. Amateur GolfThe U.S. Amateur showed that there would be several great American players moving up in the years to come...
By Kris Fay on 8/26/2011
Cleveland Golf 588One of the best selling wedges of all time is coming back into production and should be available for sale by the end of the year...
By Kris Fay on 8/17/2011
Golf ScorecardThere are plenty of amateur events out there that will conduct a scorecard playoff instead of sending golfers out onto the golf course...
By Kris Fay on 8/15/2011
Sometimes it's easy to forget why we play golf, especially when shots are wayward and the putts just won't fall. I had just such a moment over the weekend...
By Kris Fay on 8/12/2011
Brandt SnedekerAs with any great golf tournament, there have been plenty of storylines to follow so far this week at the PGA Championship...
By Kris Fay on 8/10/2011
Glendoveer Golf CourseWith the economy on the ropes and the number of golfers decreasing over the last decade, it makes sense that more municipal golf courses could come under fire...
By Kris Fay on 8/9/2011
Mahina YoungEveryone deals with tough times in his or her own way. One Portland man used golf to get himself through one of those times by focusing on his golf game...
By Kris Fay on 8/8/2011
Junior GolfI didn't start playing my best golf until I was in my 30's, but more often than not, the world's best are in their early- to mid-20's...
By Kris Fay on 8/5/2011
Couples GolfMany men see their time on the golf course as a break from their wife and children, an escape of sorts. How do you feel about golfing with your wife or husband?
By Kris Fay on 8/1/2011
Risk or reward tee shotsAny given round of golf can be played in a variety of ways. Do you subscribe to a power or finesse style of play?
By Kris Fay on 7/29/2011
Caddy for a CureIf you've never been a caddy before, try looping for a professional or a celebrity. It's a lot of fun and it's often a way for you to donate to a great cause...
By Kris Fay on 7/27/2011
Eugene Country ClubWhen you're looking for a course to play, do you pay much attention to its designer or era? You'd be surprised how many people do just that...
By Kris Fay on 7/22/2011
Counterfeit Golf ClubsPlenty of golfers in the United States have purchased counterfeit golf equipment and many of them still don't realize they've been ripped off...
By Kris Fay on 7/20/2011
Golf Swing AidesThere's a training aide out there for just about every swing flaw. Have you ever turned to a training aide to help you fix what ails your golf swing?
By Kris Fay on 7/18/2011
Darren ClarkeHeading into the start of this year's British Open, there weren't many people giving 42-year-old Darren Clarke a chance at winning his first. I guess he proved you all wrong...
By Kris Fay on 7/13/2011
Royal Links Golf ClubSeveral well-known courses around the country have replicated holes from famous courses around the world. If you've never had the opportunity to play one of these courses, they're a trip...
By Kris Fay on 7/11/2011
Tee if ForwardThe USGA has launched a new campaign to help golfers understand the length of courses that will best suit their ability level to make the game more enjoyable...
By Kris Fay on 7/8/2011
Black Widow Golf GripsIf you pay attention online, there are plenty of free golf goodies you can get your hands on to sample...
By Kris Fay on 7/1/2011
Bubba WatsonHow many times have you hit a shot and then promptly blamed the greens crew or a playing partner or a passing car when things turn out poorly. Probably more times than you should have...
By Kris Fay on 6/29/2011
Wonderful Wonda CoffeeLocal and national radio hosts are scratching their heads today regarding the announcement that Tiger Woods would be the spokesman for a Japanese pain cream...
By Kris Fay on 6/24/2011
Golf StatsHow many of you have tried keeping track of fairways, greens, putts and short game success during a round of golf? It's an interesting experiment and something of an eye opener when you do…
By Kris Fay on 6/14/2011
Golf CaddyRumors have been rampant over the last 24 hours because Steve Williams will be looping for Adam Scott at this week's U.S. Open while Tiger Woods is recovering from injury.
By Kris Fay on 6/8/2011
GolfTECWinning a photo contest led to one of the most interesting golf experiences ever, a custom driver fitting at GolfTEC.
By Kris Fay on 5/18/2011
OGA Net ChampionshipThe OGA Net Championships last weekend featured a couple of guys with loose ties to those of us here at Northwest Golf Adventures...
By Kris Fay on 4/29/2011
Golf Tee PrizesWith tournament season upon us, it's time to decide where you'll be playing. For a good many of my friends, it all comes down to the quality of the tee prize...
By Kris Fay on 4/15/2011
Golf in Palmer, AlaskaIf you're looking for proof of global warming, I'm pretty sure Al Gore would point to Palmer, Alaska, where golf season has officially begun. Locals say it's rare for them to get out on the course this early in the year...
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